Icons and Infographics




Communicating complex data and information in a visual manner is a means to make information more digestible and easier to understand. Below are a collection of icons and infographics developed to illustrate information in a more meaningful and impactful manner while providing color and visual life to content heavy areas.


Infographic illustrating the recrutiing process for CItrix Startup Accelerator

Infographic illustrating the talent management for Citrix Human Resources

Infographic illustrating the innovtion path to success at Citrix

Infographic illustrating the advantages of Citrix FlexCast technology

Infographic illustrating how Citrix geofencing works in a corporate environment

Infographic showing how virtualization technology follows a user throughout a typical work day

Infographic elements exploration for an internal employee survey and all hands meeting presentation


Icons developed for a sales kick off presentation

Icons for an application interface

Icons to represent sales imperatives used in a sales kick off presentation

Product icons for a wireless networking company